the next step, minding and indentifying gaps in your wardrobe

Your Next Step – Minding the Gaps in Your Wardrobe

You’ve cleaned out your closets (did you take the 25% wardrobe reduction challenge?) and hung your remaining clothes on velvet hangers.  And now you still want to go shopping. But before we do, the next step is minding and identifying the gaps in your wardrobe.

Ok. Let’s answer a few questions first:

* What are you looking for exactly?

* Do you know what you want your clothes to say about you?

* Are you trying to camouflage or draw attention away from something?

And finally,

* Are you feeling hopeless? And are you assuming nothing’s working, but at the same time you haven’t visualized what would work?

At this point, going shopping is not going to solve your problems.

To be able to get dressed and be happy with how you look, you must first be clear on what would actually satisfy you. 

Have any of these ever happened to you? You went shopping and came home with:

  • individual pieces but no idea how to put them into an outfit
  • clothes that don’t fit right but you’re hoping someday that they will
  • sale items that are quirky but not really you
  • purchased items that don’t go with you current lifestyle

Or something even worse happened: you were overwhelmed in a department store and left with nothing. 

If this sounds like the difficulties you’ve been experiencing, you could use some wardrobe mediation. You need someone who can assess where your wardrobe strengths and weaknesses are and where you currently stand in terms of your style and lifestyle needs.

Sometimes there are minor changes that can make a huge difference. It could be you can’t put an outfit together because you’re missing the “wow” piece that adds the personality to your basics. Or, perhaps you have plenty of “wow” pieces but your basics aren’t fitting properly.

Christian Dior, the famous designer once said, “It’s not money that makes you well dressed; it’s understanding.”

I will help you bridge the gap between you and your needs. Knowing you and knowing what’s in the stores, I can help you indentify and mind the gaps in your wardrobe. I can make this work for you and I can promise you it will make getting dressed easier every day. Call, email or text me to get started. 

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    What do you do when your gaps outweigh your full?

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