what do I do with my empty hangers

What Do I Do With My Empty Hangers?

Did you take my wardrobe challenge? Were you able to remove 25% of your wardrobe? You might be wondering now, what do I do with my empty hangers? 

I don’t know if I removed exactly 25% of my wardrobe, but I did get rid of a number of items. The clothes that I said ‘farewell’ to included: 

• 3 casual jackets

• 3 work blazers

• 1 work jacket/skirt suit

• various workout clothes (tops and bottoms)

• 11 scarves

• 3 pairs of shoes

• 2 vests

• 13 tops and t-shirts

• 2 pairs of jeans

• various socks/slippers

• 1 handbag

I donated most of these items to the ‘clothes and shoes box’ in my area.  Clothes that were clean and in ‘like new’ condition were sent to Thred Up, where they will hopefully be sold to others and be given a new life in a new home.  

Wow. Now what do I do with my empty hangers? 

Velvet Hangers

I already use velvet hangers for most of my tops and jackets. And now that I have extra ones, I decided to put them to good use with my silk scarves. The velvet on the hanger make it so that silk scarves do not slide off. And they also stay neatly folded. Rather than folded and tucked away in a drawer, my scarves are now on full display for me to see each day. velvelt Hangers

I arranged my my non-silk scarves with this, found here.

scarf hanger

Another tip, use your velvet hangers to hang sweaters. However, be careful. I use this great trick to hang sweaters so that the ‘shoulders’ don’t stretch out. See picture below.  

hanging sweater












Wood Hangers

ok, so you have wood hangers. Well, why not repurpose them to hang some jewelry?

wood hanger with jewelry



Stuck in a wardrobe challenge? Let me help you release 25% of your wardrobe and help you create a closet that you love, filled only with clothes that you love.

Call, email or text me to get started. 

Cover Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash

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