Hello, and welcome to Wardrobe Savvy!

I’m a sucker for a good sale or even a fun day of shopping, but the reality is, I don’t really need any more clothes — and you probably don’t either. I have a passion for helping women shop their own closets for new outfits and new looks with what they already have. I love to create great business casual looks – perfect for today’s work environment. 

My wardrobe philosophy is all about feeling good about yourself. You can’t have a bad day when you look and feel good. That means wearing clothes and accessories that you love, that fit well and that look good on you. I do not believe in buying the most expensive or on trend items; I believe in buying and wearing clothes that work for you.

I started Wardrobe Savvy because I have always had a love of fashion. I am here to help you create the right wardrobe that will display the image you want the world to see. You will feel confident, professional, accomplished, and best of all, you’ll look good too.