Style Is Not A Size

Everybody has a unique body shape and specific clothes that flatter it. Because the same item doesn’t necessarily flatter everyone, you need to dress yourself for your specific body. Here are some helpful fashion tips, regardless of your size: 

• Ensure the size you purchase remains that size by washing in cold water and avoiding putting your clothes into a hot dryer. Either use a cool setting on your dryer or hang your clothes out to dry.

• If a dress is too short for your body, consider wearing it as a tunic with leggings or a skinny jean.

• Be sure to include items of interest to your outfit from the waist up. Add a necklace or scarf; you want to bring attention to your face, which is your communication center.













• Regardless of your shape, get the perfect fit by taking your clothes to a tailor or take advantage of some of the big name store tailoring services. For example, baggy sleeves or extra width on a jacket, blouse or dress can add unwanted width. A simple alteration is to trim the sleeves or width to get rid of the extra volume.

The same is true for your pants don’t let them hang on the ground or be baggy. Either add heels or get them hemmed and take them in where needed. 


• Use non-wire hangers on your clothes so they keep their shape and fold your fine knits so they don’t stretch. Velvet hangers work great and add uniformity to your closet.

• Try on everything. If you shop online, try the clothes on right away and immediately return the ones that don’t fit.

No matter what your size or shape, you should dress to compliment that. There are many resources available to women of all sizes and I am here to help you find the right fit and the right style for your shape. Call, email or text me.

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