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I know, it’s a new year. And you want to go shopping and buy something new. And everything is on sale, right? So, the question you have to ask yourself is, do you really need another cashmere sweater? Or a new pair of shoes? Do they fit into your current wardrobe and/or lifestyle? And what about the three other cashmere sweaters and the twenty plus pairs of shoes that you already own? Are you tired of the clutter yet? Stop shopping and do not buy another thing. 

Most people have more clothes than they could ever wear. According to statistics, we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  That means our closets are full of clothes we never wear, and that are just taking up space in our closets. Adding clutter and stress to our morning routine when we get dressed. 

And yet, we are out there shopping for more. Buying new items on sale is not a money saver if they just sit in your closet not worn, or worse, with the tags still on. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money elsewhere?

Although I love to follow fashions and other bloggers style on Instagram, I am starting to wonder about this incessant need and push to buy new things all the time. 

So, here’s MY challenge to you for the new year: remove and sell or donate 25% of what’s in your closet. Can you do it?

I’ve already begun…and I’m only keeping what fits me, what looks good and what I love. Then, I’m going to create ‘outfit formulas’ with what I have left, similar to this chart below. So, even though I’ll have less clothes, I will still feel and look like I’m wearing a new outfit every day. 

shop your closet outfit ideas

Can you imagine having a wardrobe of only pieces that fit you well and that you love? Can you imagine wearing them ALL on a regular basis? 

If you need some new ideas, check out my previous post on Finding Your Inspiration, or check out Pinterest and Instagram to see new ways to wear your jeans, skirts and dresses.

Stop shopping. Let me help you meet this challenge and release 25% of your wardrobe. Then I’ll help you create a closet that you love…full of what you already have. And an easy to use system to wear everything you own in many different ways. 

Call, email or text me. Let’s get started. 

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