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Over the years, I’ve tried many products for everyday, fashion and travel. Here are a few of the ones that I come back to time and again because they work and/or have been truly helpful. Hopefully, you’ll like them too. 

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Pants Hip Hugger Back Belt

Ever buy a pair of pants that just don’t fit quite right in the waist? Rather than have them tailored, here’s an easy and inexpensive way to make them fit just right. This one-size belt alternative, which attaches to each side of your belt loops, creates a slim and body-hugging fit. You can purchase here and here

Organizer Insert with Multiple Pockets

On a day-to-day basis, I like to carry a tote bag. But rather than have all my essentials rolling around in a mess at the bottom of the bag, I use an organizer insert with multiple pockets. Most come in different sizes to fit different sizes of bags. I have one that I easily move from one tote to another, which means changing your bag every day is a breeze. Check out a few different ones here and here.

Hollywood Deodorant Removing Sponge

I know, you buy the deodorant that supposedly doesn’t leave marks on your clothing; and still they do. Here’s the solution, a pink foam square that removes that unsightly residue in an instant — without water — just by rubbing briskly over the spot. It also works on make-up powder along your neckline and removes those darn pet hairs on your clothes, too. Find it here and here

Silicone Cosmetic Containers with Sealed Lids

Having a hard time finding the products you want in travel size containers? Here are the ideal container cases for your cosmetics, either powder or liquid. What I love about these, in particular, is that they are very small, don’t leak and come in different sizes for different amounts. They also work great for earrings, rings or necklaces. Check them out here and here

Women’s Invisible Belt

Don’t you hate that unsightly front bulge that bulky belts can give to your outfits? This slim, no show buckle lays flat against your waist and makes it undetectable underneath a tunic or longer t-shirt.

Because it’s elastic, it will stretch and move with your body’s motion, providing all-day, comfortable support. They come in a variety of colors like black, navy and even cream to match your pants or jeans. You can find them here and here

Packing Cubes Travel Packing Organizers 

Having trouble fitting all the clothes you want into your luggage? Yes, I can help you pare down your outfits, but I’ve also found a great way to organize and pack with packing cubes. Packing your clothes into these cubes protects them from stains and wrinkles while adding no extra weight in your suitcase. The beauty of these is that they help separate your items so that they are easy to find, and at the end of your trip, they can easily be used to store your dirty clothes. Check them out here and here

Need more help with your closet and more importantly, your wardrobe? I am here to help everday women find their true style, making them feel good and look great every day. Call, email or text me to get started.

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