What Clients are Saying
Anne has a knack for finding outfits that I didn’t know existed in my closet!  She did a phenomenal job helping me shop my closet for new looks.  As a stay at home mother of a three year old, I had a lot of outdated and oversized items that I needed to let go of and she guided me through the process with gentle nudges and a lot of humor.   It was great to rediscover some of the pretty scarves hanging in my closet and I’m now using them on a regular basis to dress up my current clothes and bring them up to date.  Anne followed up the visit with a list of items for me to purchase which made shopping easier since it is time-consuming to find good petite sized clothes.  I intend to enlist her help again in the future and would highly recommend Anne to anyone who needs a stylist.

― Heather M., Sunnyvale, CA
Shopping hasn’t been ‘fun’ for me since my mom passed away. It’s something we used to do together because my mom was so fashionable. After she passed, shopping was done more out of need or obligation. After working with Anne both at my home and out in the stores, I feel more confident and knowledgabe about my fashion choices. I love that Anne worked first with my current wardrobe, helping me shop my closet. We only went out shopping to fill in some gaps in my wardrobe, instead of having to start over from scratch. Anne has helped me to define a style that is uniquely me. My confidencehas soared and people are taking notice! Shopping is fun again thanks to Anne, and I’m thrilled about my purchases which I know are great investments that will last a long time. Thank you Anne!

― Lauren M., Woodside, CA
Anne makes fashion effortless and simple. I love her philosophy that you don’t necessarily have to shop for new clothes, you usually have what you need in your closet already, you just need a little help to put it all together. I highly recommend her services and sign up for her newsletter, it gives you great advise on how to dress every week!

― Christina S., Redwood City, CA
Being a newbie in Silicon Valley and transitioning into a startup career, I was ready for a change. What better way than starting this with my wardrobe. Never really had to think about my own clothing style before. Now in this new world of giving presentations, attending conferences, running business meetings it was about time. What do I want to express through my clothes? How do I want to be perceived in my professional career here in the Bay Area? How can I combine my clothes differently? Anne guided me step by step in a fun, inspiring, and engaging way closer to identifying my own style. We went through my closet, came up with new combinations and I noticed that with 2-3 additional items, I’m basically set. Highly recommend this experience. Will give you a new perspective into your closet.
― Angie M., Sunnyvale, CA
When I was starting work in a start-up environment, I enlisted WardrobeSavvy.me and Anne’s help in optimizing my wardrobe.
Quick, Limited Engagement – She had previously helped me style start-up appropriate interview ensembles, and re-discover an estranged denim jacket.
A Little Longer Investment – This time, my goal was to 1) review my entire career closet, 2) imagine new combinations, and 3) weed out pieces that no longer met my needs. We wheeled in two empty racks – one to view pieces for consideration, and one to hold the “keepers” – I placed a box to hold giveaways near the racks, and I started pulling things from my closet. After 2 ½ hours of going through pieces from 3 closets and mixing and matching, we had whittled down to one rack of good stuff from my own closet and some good lessons. I learned some practical things like how to properly hang clothes – who knew? I also got an accurate inventory of what great stuff I already have and some new ways to wear things, plus Anne emailed a list of possible additions and links to easily acquire them.
Lasting Rewards – Anne’s wardrobe savvy is magical. She has helped me and my friends make a couple of adjustments to what we already own to pull off easy, polished and fun looks. I highly recommend Anne Ferris and Wardrobe Savvy.
― Virginia S., Mountain View, CA
Anne is the most non-judgemental person I have had the pleasure of working with. You can let her into your closet (yikes) and not feel ashamed for keeping that slinky little thing you wore once when you were 20 pounds lighter not to mention 20 years younger. And she lends a new perspective to that lovely blue jacket sadly hanging there back in the corner still with its tags on so in hopes of being taken out for a spin one day. While Anne has her definite own sense of style, that is hers, and she isn’t forcing it on you in any way, shape or form. She works with you and YOUR style or the style you think you have or aspire to have. We have shopped together on several occasions. While I couldn’t picture myself in my wildest dreams in something she may have suggested, often I was pleasantly surprised how she was able to pick a style, a color, a fit that worked sooooo much better than the things I had been throwing on my body. I learned that going with Anne’s guidance has prevented me from wasting money on a helter-skelter wardrobe with no direction and no thought for what can go with what. And now I am even accessorizing! Who would have thought? Thanks, Anne!!
― Martha D., Mountain View, CA
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Anne. She helped me identify the clothes that had to go and opened my eyes to new ways to wear my pieces. Extra bonus that I learned new ideas for much of my jewelry. I’m very thrifty and Anne helped me feel like I have a new closet full of clothes I want to wear with the addition of just a few key pieces. Now I look into my closet and smile.
― Wendy S., Mountain View, CA
I needed help with my wardrobe and Anne gave me so many ideas on little things I could do to pull an outfit together. She had me fill out a questionnaire to see what areas I needed help with and lots of other questions to figure out the direction I wanted to head towards. She then helped me go through my wardrobe, removing items that no longer worked, putting together pieces I had not thought about, and creating a new organization of my closet (even suggesting better hangers). She sent me links to find replacements for favorite clothing that didn’t fit well or new additions to my wardrobe. I would recommend her services, especially if you are looking for business casual attire help, she totally gets the look. I’d recommend Anne.
― Lisa T., Mountain View, CA
Anne Ferris of Wardrobe Savvy is a wonderful stylist. I’m a busy working mom, and often need to speak on panels and presentations in front of large audiences. My wardrobe desperately needed an upgrade, and I didn’t have the time, energy, or know-how to put together a polished, professional look. I realized I needed professional help – enter Anne! She came over to my home to review my existing wardrobe with me, and within a couple of hours, I had gotten rid of all my worn-out, misshapen, ill-fitting clothing that was no longer serving me well. In that process, we were able to see the gaps in my wardrobe, what I had too much of, what I had too little of, what I didn’t have at all but needed. Prior to that, I had completed a Wardrobe Savvy style questionnaire that helped Anne understand my specific preferences and needs. With that information, she was able to sweep through the store in advance in order to pull items in my size that also suited my preferences and needs, and then set up an appointment at the store for me so that we could try everything on. After my wardrobe edit, we went on a shopping trip to the store, and when I got there, Anne had already worked with the store’s personnel to pull together pieces and outfits for me to try on, including shoes and jewelry. All I had to do was try everything on. Anne totally nailed it; most of the pre-selected outfits I tried on were a success in fit, color, and style. I could never have pulled that off on my own! Some of the pieces were surprisingly flattering – and they were pieces I would have never selected for myself, so it was a delight to discover new styles, brands, and cuts that fit my shape. Anne was supportive and encouraging throughout the process, and it was a true pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend Anne for anyone in need of a stylist, and I’m already looking forward to working with her again next season!
― Elaine D., Palo Alto, CA