Getting Ready for Fall

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to think about warmer clothes for colder weather. As you start the transition of clothes in your closet, now’s a great time to check everything carefully and be sure they are ready to be inserted into your next outfit. Now’s the time to check your clothes for problems such as hems that are coming loose, buttons that are hanging by a thread and heels that need repair.


Here are some suggestions to keep your clothes in top form:

  • Use Borax (available at most grocery stores or Target) to get odors out of synthetics. Soak before laundering in warm water and Borax for about 30 minutes. Half a cup added to a load of wash is a cleaning booster.

  • To extend the wear of garments, use your dryer less and hang dry your clothes instead. For items that need dry cleaning, curb your trips and use the outdoors to air out your jackets or blazers after a day at work.

  • And, use a clothes steamer to get wrinkles out of your clothes rather than sending them to a dry cleaner after each wear. Again, another item that can easily be picked up at Target or ordered from Amazon. 

  • Use permanent felt tip pens (available at most Office Depot or Target) to touch up scuffed areas on your shoes, belts or bags.

If you’re a sweater lover, check all your sweaters for snags. An easy way to fix them is to pull snags to the inside of your garment. Pick up a Snag Nab-It either online or at your local fabric store.

  • Suede shoes and boots can be easier to take care of than you might imagine. Get a small brush to lift the nap of the suede and remove dirt. If you have multiple colors of suede shoes, you may want a brush for each one so you don’t transfer a darker color onto a lighter colored suede item.

  • Use a worn out toothbrush as your first defense against dirt or food that’s sticking to your clothes.

  • Keep a lint roller in your car, by your front door, and near your vanity. When you leave your friend’s pet-friendly home, you’ll have a lint roller in the car ready for the cleanup. If you live with pets, be sure to check yourself in the mirror before you leave the house.

Need some help transitioning your summer to fall wardrobe? I’m here to help you…phone, text or email me to get started. 

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Chris Lawton


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