Finding Your Inspiration

Have you ever lost interest in your closet? The answer isn’t to make more purchases. Sometimes you need to invite inspiration into your closet so you can begin to see things differently.

Here are several ways you can create opportunities to let the world around you teach you new things about color, line, and design. You’ll look at your closet and your home with a new, inspired vision.

• Pinterest

If you haven’t been on Pinterest, it’s time to check it out for inspiration. An easy way to get started is to use the search function. For example, if you need some ideas on a specific item like styling dresses, just type in Dresses. You can even narrow your focus and go for specific dresses like Polka Dot Dresses or Belted Dresses.

Or try researching an item you’ve been curious about like palazzo pants, maxi dresses, block heeled shoes or bell-bottoms. You can also search things like Fashion Over 40 or Fashion Over 50 to see how women in your specific age group are styling their outfits.

• Magazines and catalogs

Leaf through the pages of your favorite magazine or catalogs. Pull out images that catch your eye – it doesn’t have to be a picture of a literal item you’d like to purchase. Choose images of colors, textures, patterns, or details that you love.

From this, create a collage by arranging the images in a way that’s pleasing to you – one that captures these inspirational or aspirational images. If you put your collage where you can see it on a daily basis, you’ll be surprised how soon you’ll notice something or create an outfit that is a direct result of doing this exercise.

• Travel

When you travel to new places, carry a journal and a camera with you to have an instant history of the things that inspire you. When you come home you will be ready to try new combinations of color, texture, and patterns in different outfit combinations because of what you’ve experienced.

• Museums

While the exhibits themselves may be inspiring, museums are also a great place to people watch. You’ll often find arty people in arty places. Observe different outfits that you can easily bring home and try in your own closet. And don’t forget to visit the museum gift shops. They often have great accessories, like jewelry and scarves.

• Nature

Well-manicured gardens, garden tours, local parks or even nurseries are fun to visit for a few hours. Nature’s beauty is a feast for the eyes. Let it inform you about design, colors, scale, balance and more.

By creating new possibilities to be inspired, you’re training your eye to things in a new way, you’re carving new pathways in your brain and you’re opening up to new ideas. Just don’t forget to bring these lessons back home to your closet and dress yourself in inspiring ways.


There’s no need to get bored with your clothes.

I’m here to be your inspiration, too. Give me a call and we’ll get started!


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