Warm Weather Fall Outfits – Bridging the Seasons

Waiting for the weather to match the season implies a need for fashion patience. Whether it’s spring but it still feels like winter or it’s fall and it still feels like summer. When the weather isn’t in synch with the season, it can bring challenges to getting dressed.

Now that you have gone through your wardrobe and are ready for the season’s change, here are some ideas for warm weather fall outfits, even while you’re itching to be wearing layers of warmth. 

• Wear your summer dresses. Use the dress as a layering piece over a white short-sleeved T-shirt or better yet, add a denim jacket. Make your point really clear by pairing the dress with a short ankle boot instead of a sandal.

Even better, add your peep toe or perforated booties. This bootie style is sensitive to your need for more air circulation while still being barefoot. Together, the jacket, t-shirt and boots all call out fall, rather than summer.


• Wear a sweater in a silk blend. It’s a great idea to have a few knit sweaters in silk blends to help you with transition dressing. A silk/cotton blend or a silk/cashmere blend sweater is still very lightweight. The fine finish of silk makes this an easier sweater to pair with your skirts, pants, or jeans.





• Wear scarves in darker patterns. Nothing says fall like plaid, paisley, and houndstooth. Go through your scarf collection and isolate the ones that look more like fall than summer. A scarf in a fall pattern can add interest to an outfit but still be lightweight if it’s in cotton, silk or a blend.













• Wear white. Seriously? Yes! White can still live in your wardrobe but it’s best to set aside clothes in white linen. Wear your white jeans but wear one of fall’s colors on the top. And keep wearing your white sneakers. They will be just fine moving into fall.













Do you need help sorting out how to dress for this transitional season? I am more than happy to help you create some warm weather fall outfits. 

Give me a call, email or text to start. 

Cover Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


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